Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Problem using Microsoft Money from a Dropbox Account

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When opened from a shared directory such as Dropbox Microsoft Money creates .lrd files and renames as .tmp files.
In use Microsoft Money is constantly updating the file, and expects the file to be INSTANTLY available. Never try to open a file that is not on your hard drive. Any delay or caching of the data between your computer and the stored location will cause the file to become corrupt or will lose data. The fact that the server is making extra copies is an indication that Dropbox cannot keep up with the changes and is trying to make versions, in the hope that you have some way of merging the changes.
Money cannot merge data from different files. Stop accessing the file directly from a shared location. Copy the file locally, work on the file, close Money, wait for the file to be properly closed (wait for the *.lrd file to disappear - don't delete it yourself), then copy the newly edited file back up to Dropbox. This warning applies to any non-local storage, not just for Dropbox.
The Readme.htm file in Money's install directory clearly lists this, it is item #20 for Money Plus/Sunset.

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