Monday, 19 September 2011

How to reset or renew your IP Address in Windows 7

How to reset your IP address in Windows 7
You can usually renew or reset your IP address (Internet Protocol Address) by just switching off your router/modem waiting for 30 seconds and switching on again. This normally aquires a correct address again
Only if you are still getting error messages and using Windows OS try this.

1.First click on Start then in the box "search programs and files" type Run.
This should bring up Run at the top click that to get the Run dialogue box.
Now type command press the OK button to get a black box (This is a DOS command box).
2.To determine what your IP address and default gateware are we need to run ipconfig.exe. After the line C:\USERS\YOURNAME> place the mouse and if necessary right click to get a flashing cursor then Type ipconfig.exe or just ipconfig and then press enter. The Default Gateway address and the IP Address will be displayed. Regardless of whether there are addresses listed here, continue with the next two steps.

3.You will need to release your current IP address and gateway in order to get a new one. If this turns out not to be the problem with your computer, this proceedure will not hurt anything by attempting it. Release your current IP by going to the bottom of the list and after C:\USERS\YOURNAME> again place the mouse to get a flashing prompt and then type in the following ipconfig /release and then press enter.(that is ipconfig, a space, a forward slash and release) This will release any assigned IP addresses and gateways from your computer.
4.Next you need to type in ipconfig /renew to get a new IP address or default gateway. On the screen your should see your new Default Gateway and IP Address. If you are using a router or your IP has not changed on your modem then the addresses may not have changed.
5.Type exit to leave the command prompt and get to Windows.

These changes should take effect immediately