Monday, 27 June 2011

Microsoft Money Program Still running

Error message in Microsoft Money after closing down
This operation cannot be performed
You then try to open Money and it says
Program still running
It isnt running as Task Manager will show under processes. (Ctrl/SHIFT/ESC )

In my case the mny file was corrupted by closing down and then opening too quickly at the same time it was still backing up to a NAS drive.
The fix procedure to repair the corrupted Money data file. You need to reboot to open Money again.

Step 1: Repair file in Microsoft Money 2004 and later versions that you can access
Open the Money data file that you want to repair.
On the File menu, point to Repair Money File, and then click Quick File Repair.
Money performs the repair on the file.
If you have a Windows Live ID password or another password that is associated with the data file, you will be prompted for it now.
Test to see whether you experience the same symptoms,

Option 2 is Standard File Repair on the same menu but this time rename the money file in the same location.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

bigseek pro taking over

I seem to have my default Google UK homepage being changed over to a different and useless Search Engine.
BigSeek Pro is within the URL.
I clicked on IE then Tools then Manage add Ons and removed it from the search engines leaving only Google and Bing. It still came back

Found out it came with a Video Download Toolbar
Removed this and deleted the toolbar and now have Google UK back.