If you’re working in IT, there are a few things that you need to know no matter what. They are basically essential skills for any IT person. One of those skills is knowing how to renew and release IP addresses.
You’ll need to do this a lot during your IT career and it’s really useful for getting your computer reconnected to the Internet or to the local LAN network. Renewing an IP address can also help fix an IP address conflict.
In order to renew an IP address, go to Start, then Run and type in CMD to open a new command prompt window.
Now type in the following command:
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig renew
Whichever network adapters are currently connected on the computer will go out and have their addresses renewed with the DHCP server. If you are unable to renew an IP address, you can read my previous post on how to fix the Cannot renew IP address error.
To release an IP address, type in the following command:
ipconfig /release
release ip address
This command will release the IP address for all connected adapters. Note that you can also refresh all DHCP leases and re-register DNS names using the registerdns command.
ipconfig /registerdns
If you’re having other issues, like being able to connect to your wireless router, but not to the Internet, read my previous post. Enjoy!