Friday, 15 May 2015

PC Screen Resolution changes on Boot Up...Fix through Registry Edit.......regedit.exe

Step #1:
Open your start menu and in the search bar type in regedit and hit enter. UAC will pop-up asking if you would like to allow this program to make changes to the computer, just hit Yes.

Step #2:
In the left pane of regedit you will see a list of registry keys;
- Click the little white arrow beside HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG to expand this key.
- Expand System > CurrentControlSet > Control > VIDEO

Step #3:
Now you should see one or mroe keys with random numbers and letters, for example my video key is {F92BFB9B-59E9-4B65-8AA3-D004C26BA193}.

If you expand these keys you will see another key in each of these named 0000.

Simply click on these 0000 keys to see their values, you are looking for the one that has multiple values in it, for example Attach.RelativeX, Attach.RelativeY, etc.

The proper 0000 key should also have a child key (which is your monitor's registry settings, yay!), mine is named Mon12345678 but yours may be different.

Step #4:
Now for the registry changes, since 0000 and the Mon12345678 keys have the same settings and values, I changed both of them to be identical. I'm not entirely sure which one windows 7 uses, but it doesn't hurt to change them both just to be sure.

In order to change a registry key's values;
- right click on the Name of the value and select Modify...
- where it says Base select the Decimal option
- input the new numerical value you wish to enter in the Value data: text field

The settings to change are;
Attach.RelativeX - this is your screens X resolution, mine is set to 1360
Attach.RelativeY - this is your screens Y resolution, mine is set to 768
DefaultSettings.XResolution - this is your screens default X resolution, mine is set to 1360
DefaultSettings.YResolution - this is your screens default Y resolution, mine is set to 768

Step #5:
You are done! Simply click File>Exit and your registry settings will automatically be saved.
*Note* A system reboot may be required before these settings take effect.

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