Friday, 14 March 2014

Bluetooth Pairing of Apple Keyboard or Mouse with Windows PC

You may find that it is very difficult to achieve pairing of an Apple keyboard, mouse or trackpad.
First make sure they are not already paired with another device .
You can unpair them or switch off Bluetooth on the other devices.
I found that the mouse was easily paired using Control Panel _Hardware & Sound _Devices & Printers_Add a Device  (Windows 7)
Ensure that you select pairing in Windows  first then switch the mouse or keyboard on.
They only seem to try to connect for a very short period of time.
The keyboard will ask for a pairing code which again has to be entered fairly quickly and remember to press the ENTER key. If successful the notification bar will report adding device.
If they don't show up or the keyboard fails to present a pairing code option check again that it is not currently paired with another device.
Compared to Logitech Wireless Unifying mouse and keyboard it is very difficult.
I am fed up of having to constantly pair up devices over and over again.
My preference is for a wired mouse and keyboard every time.

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