Thursday, 9 January 2014

Does your extra large colour ink cartridge seem to have run out far too early ?

Unless you have printed  a ton of stuff or lots of A4 photos on glossy paper it may come as a shock that your £25 cartridge has run .
First estimate how much you have printed and if seems unreasonable try this.
The software on your printer utilities are usually a waste of time and show a new cartridge as half full after printing the test page sometimes.
I have a very sensitive scale for my mail which measure in grams  and once I weighed a cartridge I had thrown in the bin. In comparison to the weight of a brand new one they were almost exactly the same weight. I then ran the print utility to clean the  printer heads as in the manual. A test print still showed that black was OK but the colour was streaky and very feint.

After giving it one more cleaning cycle it was the same.
I then thought of getting a tissue and cleaning the head with alcohol ( IPA in an aerosol). When I placed the head in contact with a dry tissue all 3 colours appeared and a test print was back to normal.
This cartridge fished from the waste bin gave me loads more A4 photos so it was OK all the time.
I have seen loads of reviews moaning about cartridges and think that often it could be  that they are not empty at all.
I  usually go weeks between doing colour prints on an Inkjet Printer  as I daily use a Laser Printer so that was probably the reason.

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