Thursday, 9 January 2014

If your Chrome Browser is taken over by Pop Ups, Ads or Spyware

There are a number of sites that are hell bent on taking over your Internet Browser.
If you have Google Chrome as your default browser this is how you regain control.

In the top right hand corner of Google Chrome (Jan 2014 anyway) there is an icon with three parallel lines. this is the Access Menu to go down for Settings
Click on settings to get this menu and go to the selection "On Start Up " and then "Open a specific page or set of pages . Click Set Pages
There may be a number of URL's listed in there especially if you have been taken over by Pop Ups, Malware or Ad-Ware
Click "Add New Page" and put in what you want as your Home Page.
A Home Page is where your Browser will start off from by default.
Type that in ,click OK, and delete all the others until only that one moves to the top of the list.
Exit and close the Browser. Restart your PC might be a good idea but may not be necessary
Next time you click on Chrome it should go to the normal Google UK search Page.
If it doesn't work and you are still getting the same problem there are 3 more fixes.
I wont detail them here but in other pages.
(They are as follows,  re-Enable the Block Pop Ups option in Chrome, Run MalwareBytes Free  and Install Ad-Blocker Free )

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