Thursday, 9 January 2014

If your Browser has Ad-Ware such as is the Fix

First a lesson in good PC housekeeping.

Downloading and then accepting the Quick Install option on any program you put on your PC is never a good idea.
If you have an option for a  custom install  go for that and then untick the boxes which offer  to install any toolbars or add ins  in your browser.
Also beware of accepting any unknown links via email on your PC.
Even beware of software that says it will fix a problem that you have just searched for in Google as this is the most common way to give rogue software even  more control over your PC.
I have just found out that  receiving a YouTube video link can now carry an embedded trojan link without you knowing it.
I also view with some suspicion the very top results in a Google search if they look a bit odd 
It is worth reading the above paragraph line by line again.

Conduit Search bar is called Adware, which will setup as your homepage without your permission.
If you go to settings it probably will not let you change it back to your original Homepage.
When you want to search on the Iinternet you are then  forced to use conduit search which show you only their suggested Results and their suggested Advertisements.
When you click on these they will actually get money by every click of your mouse.(it is the same with the ones in Google down the right hand side or the top but at least they are safe and honest about it)
It will  change your homepage  in Internet Explorer, Chrome and other Search engines.
Usually fiddling around with Settings  (Home page reset or Pop Up Blocker re-enable)will not fix it.
Conduit is actually a browser hijacker, that is marketed through some other free downloads, and once it has installed it may add a  Conduit Toolbar, and modify your browser homepage and default search engine to search through
Conduit Search will probably show advertisements and paid links while searching results, and could gather search words through your searches. 

How to Fix it ?
Download Adware Remover Tool v3.5  (or later version, don't worry this one is safe ! ) Conduit Search bar is called Adware, this will  control  your homepage without your permission
This will remove Conduit Search automatically from your browser,
This is a Freeware utility specially deigned for Adware Removal. 
This tool can remove adware from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla Firefox and their registry as well..
At the end of the scan it will offer to change your Homepage to This is not abnormal behaviour as it needs a home page to respond to or your browser will start up as a blank page.
My preference is to accept this and then change it in settings to
It is Freeware but you can make a donation via Pay Pal to the Author

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