Friday, 22 November 2013

Mains Adaptors for Ethernet Connections on different ring main circuits

If you are having problems pairing up powerline type adaptors (non wireless)  to connect your devices over the house mains wiring it is worth noting this fact which doesn't seem to appear in the set up manual.
I could pair them up from either upstairs or downstairs in my old Victorian house.
I then spent ages running up and down while the lights were flashing trying to connect my Router upstairs to my TV downstairs.
I then found this on Google (in my case they don't work on different ring circuits)
I will need a wireless adaptor instead.

Here is the explanation found on a forum.
 My problem is that my house is 150 yrs old and, although it was rewired recently by a previous owner, the normal power rings are not laid out like a new-build house. This is partly due to the fact that the previous owner was a skinflint and partly due to the layout of the house. This means that the Router, Desktop and the collective AV Equipment,  are on three separate power rings.

A guy in PC World told me that although manufacturers say that their powerline adapters won't work from ring to ring, across the RCDs, they actually will work. 

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