Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A good clipboard manager

I used to use Smartboard XP to retain text clips and assign them to a hotkey.
Running under Windows 7 I kept getting Invalid Index error messages and all the data was blank.
Removal and Re-Installation did not cure it or System Restore the only way was to use an Acronis Truimage recovery which seemed like overkill for a small utility.
My quest to find a replacement from the many freeware or shareware clipboard applications was difficult until I found a freeware application called CLCL

CLCL is clipboard caching utility.

All clipboard formats are supported.
Template can be registered.
Pop-up menu is displayed by "Alt+C."
Menu can be customized.
Item is paste automatically.
Picture is displayed on a menu.
Tool tip is displayed on a menu.
The format to leave and the format to save can be set up.
The ignored window can be set up.
The paste key for every window can be set up.
Function is extensible with plug-in.
Set up your own Hotkeys
and it is Freeware !


  1. I had your problem. Fixed it by changing the folder where clipboard data is saved.

    1. Hi Tom, How did you change the folder?