Thursday, 25 November 2010

Windows 7 Repair Procedure

Windows 7 Repair Install

If Bootmgr is missing error message is displayed see other procedure below

1) Set your BIOS to make the CD/DVD drive the first boot device. Exit and "Save" your BIOS. Quickly insert the Windows 7 DVD.

2) When you reboot your PC and see "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", press the space bar to start the Repair install.

3) Windows 7 will begin to loading files. (White progress bar).

4) The "Starting Windows" logo is displayed.

5) Next you need to enter your Language, Time/Currency format and Keyboard input method. Then click on the 'Next' button.

6) The "Install Windows 7" screen will appear.
Warning: DO NOT click on the "Install now" arrow.
Continue by clicking on "Repair your Computer" option located in the bottom left of the window.

7) The "System Recovery Options" window pops up. You will see a "Search" process begin. Next select the correct OS to repair (if more than one OS is listed), and click 'Next'.
Note: You may need to select the "Load Drivers" option if your Operating System is not listed.

8) From the "Choose a recovery tool" list, select "Startup Repair".

9) Next the "Startup Repair" window is displayed, with a message "Startup Repair is checking your system for problems" along with a "Searching for problems" progress bar.

10) You may now be prompted with a "Do you want to restore your computer using System Restore?" message.Warning: Do not click the "Restore" button. Continue by clicking the "Cancel" button.

11) If "Startup Repair" did not find any problems, click the "Finish" button and "Restart" the computer. If repairs are necessary skip step #12 and go to step #13 otherwise after you clicked "Restart" go to step #12.

12) DO NOT "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", just wait and let Windows 7 startup.
If you are lucky Windows 7 will reboot and after logging on Windows will start the process of searching and installing drivers.

You have the option to view the progress in detail as each driver is found and installed.
If and after all the drivers are installed, you’re done except for removing the DVD and restarting the PC as some drivers require a restart!

13) Windows 7 will now attempt repairs.

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